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Student Competition Interest Form

If you are interested in participating within a Kent State Construction Management Competition Team or have any questions about a specific competition, please contact a competition advisor, or team lead, below. For information on the different types of competitions CMSO associates with, visit the Competition Types Tab

Don't see the competition you're interested in? If you don't see a team lead listed below, the organization is still looking for someone to take on the challenge of leading a team. Please contact Giana Testa ( for more information on how to get a team started.


Work season: Fall

Focus: Mechanical

NAHB - Custom

Work Season: Fall

Focus: Custom Residential 

NAHB Productions

Work Season: Fall

Focus: Production Residential

(Think development or townhomes)


Work season: Spring

Focus: Commerical, Civil, or Residential


Work Season: Fall

Focus: Heavy Civil 


Work Season: Spring

Focus: Commercial

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