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Mechanical Contractors Association

The Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA) Student Competition is a semester long student competition based around mechanical contracting. Students are provided with a request for proposal (RFP) at the beginning of the fall semester to build a proposal based on a real-life completed project. The competition team works on creating a company, building a schedule and estimate, and other project logistics to create a full -length bid proposal. Competing teams will find out their place in January. The top ten teams earn a scholarship for their school's chapter, and the top four teams will present at MCAA National Convention.


National Association of Home Builders - Production

The NAHB Production Home Building Competition for four-year programs challenges students to identify an opportunity for a large home builder to develop a property, build homes, and produce a return on investment in a given market, simulating scenarios faced by production home builders. Students spend time preparing a proposal for a panel of judges that highlights estimates, schedules, project management tactics, design focuses, marketing policies, along with a heavy background in finance. Selected teams are chosen to present at the NAHB Conference! 


National Association of Home Builders - Custom

The NAHB Custom/Small Build Student Competition offers students an opportunity to experience the entire process of small-scale residential construction projects, from start to finish. With an emphasis on identifying the optimal location for a small builder to prosper and grow their business, teams are tasked with finding a home-building opportunity in a specific geographic area. With the provided county, teams compile research, including market analysis, estimate, schedule, site logistics, SWPP, home design, sales and marketing plan, financial and risk analysis plan, and more, into a 20 page proposal!


Associated Builders & Contractors

The Associated Builders & Contractors (ABC) Student Competition is a spring semester competition from January through March. Students will create a proposal to bid on a real project as the general contractor. The team's submission will include an estimate of the project as well as safety, quality and project management plans. Students will submit the bid and prepare a presentation to present with at the competition. At the competition, judges will provide students with a change in the project. The team will think on the fly about how they will address the new situation. A select group of teams will be chosen to present their solution. 


Ohio Contractors Association

The Ohio Contractors Association (OCA) Estimating Competition is a civil infrastructure-based competition. Six students are given a project that was completed in real life from the previous year. The first day of the competition. The students spend eight hours developing an estimate bid package along with a schedule based on the project given. On the second day, students create a 30-minute oral presentation explaining their understanding of the project. After all presentations are presented, students are judged and the actual value of the project is revealed.


Cincinnati New Builders

he New Builders competition hosted by the University of Cincinnati is a chance for younger students, in their Freshman and Sophomore years, to get an introduction to construction competitions. Students create a written proposal for the chosen track and present their proposal to a panel of judges from a sponsoring company. Following presentations is the debrief where students compare their proposal to that of the construction professionals, who've built the project that the competition is based on. After the debrief, participants are able to attend a career fair networking event to build their relationships within the industry! 

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