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Welcome 2019-2020 Officers!

Pictured left to right: Lindsay Donohue, Lizz Hathaway, David DelRaso, Christine Bucey, Lexi Barnett, Montrell Stevens, McKenna Milks, Dean Urbanski, Natalie Majc, Jack Leas, Matt Faust, Zoë Robertson

On May 1st we welcomed the 2019-2020 into their positions. We are incredibly excited about how they will serve the Student Organization next year!

Welcome President Zoë Robertson, Vice President Lizz Hathaway, Treasurer Christine Bucey, Secretary Natalie Majc, Student Networking Chair Lexi Barnett, NAHB Chairman Montrell Stevens, NAHB Vice Chairman Lindsay Donohue, ABC Chairman David DelRaso, AGC Chairman Dean Urbanski, MCAA Chairman Jack Leas, and NECA Chairman Matt Faust.

We would also like to thank our 2018-2019 board for doing a wonderful job!

Pictured left to right: Will Duncan, AK Fullmer, Lizz Hathaway, Alex Berman, Tony Guerriero

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